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Daman Beach Gujarat


Best Time to Visit : September to April


Near Mumbai city, far from its exhausting crowds, Daman, the previous enclave of Portuguese and the scenic beaches are situated. Daman is now a Union Territory region of India. Daman with its beautiful beaches and historical monuments attracts many tourists. Daman consists of three beaches and these beaches are famous for sunbathers, swimmers, beachcombers etc. the excellent seafood is available from the many modern restaurants seen in the beach area, to satisfy the palate of all kinds of visitors. In Daman there is everything a curious traveler seeking for.


Daman is situated on the West coast of India hugged by the Arabian Sea. Daman beaches are just 13 km from Vapi, the nearest railhead. This little piece of land is abounded by the southern region of Gujarat. Gujarat is the state of Northwestern India.


The ideal season to visit Daman is from September to April. The monsoon finishes at the beginning September. The average temperature is between 32 and 37 degree Celsius in summer.


Even at the time of Portuguese the beaches of Daman are famous. In the tourism point of view the Daman beaches won popularity very recently. As these beaches are noted for seclusion and rather cheaper than the other popular beaches now many tourists are visiting here. Usually most of the visitors are domestic tourists. The Local community is arriving here to spend the evenings.


Daman is ideal for sunbathers, beachcombers, swimmers, and pony riders. There are mainly three popular beaches in Daman. Devka beach is 3 km from Nani Daman. The Fisherman's beach is at Sea face road in Nani Daman. Jampore is yet another beach situated 4 km from Moti Daman. Deka is a rocky beach with blackish sand. Hence Devka offers few entertainments besides beach walking. Fisherman's beach and Jampore beach are good sandy beaches. Jampore is excellent for sunbathing and horse ride.

The local fishermen can arrange the sunrise and sunset cruises. The seaside restaurants supply best seafood available in the region. The Fisherman's beach is famous for boat rides and pony rides.


The private resorts are offering best beach side accommodation; most of them also have seaside restaurants. Some of the hotels are situated just on the sea front.


The Nani Daman fort is a good place from which one can have a good view of the small anchored fishing fleet and the fish market. The fort is also known as Fort of St. Jerome.

The Jain temple is situated to the northern region of Nani Daman. The peculiarity of the temple is that it houses innumerable mural paintings of 18th Century those are depicting the life of Mahavira, the Jain Saint lived in 50 B.C.

The Church of Our Lady of the Rosary near Moti Daman houses ancient Portuguese tombstones. The intricate carvings of altar are truly a masterpiece in the gold-painted wood. There are paintings those depicting the scenes of Jesus Christ and apostles.

The artificial Mirasol Lake is just 2 km from Devka beach that offers boating, dining and banquet facilities on its landscaped islands.


The popular festival Nariyal Poornima marks the debut of new fishing season, which is the most enthusiastic festival in Daman. Usually the festival is celebrated in the month of September. During this occasion, the people of Daman flocks into the seashore, to offer coconuts to god, to achieve a good harvest. The boat races are attracting many tourists to Daman that is conducted in the Daman Ganga River.


A decent dress is advised, as the country folks are little conservative. Nudity is strictly prohibited in the beach areas. The topless parade of ladies is also prohibited. While walking around and especially when participating in any social functions decent dress is expected.


Numbers of customs shops are there in the territory. Handicrafts, perfumes, other regional products etc are also available in all major shops. The shops generally open at 9.00 am and closes at 9.00 pm.


In and around the beaches good accommodation is available. Most of the resorts have seaside restaurants or sea facing restaurants. Some of the hotels have live musical performance on the weekends. Most of them are mid-range hotels. No Five star hotels are there in Daman.


Mumbai is the nearest airport and Vapi, 13 km, is the nearest railhead to Daman. From Mumbai and Surat trains are available to Daman. Vapi, on the Western Railway's important Delhi-Mumbai line is well connected to all the other parts of India through Mumbai and Ahmadabad. There is frequent intercity Express train services from Mumbai.

The National Highway - 8, the Mumbai-New Delhi main road, is passing through Daman. Apart from the Vapi railway station Daman is linked by road to the rest of the country. From Vapi, transfer to Daman is possible by taxis and auto-rickshaws. Vapi is well connected into other places by the services of Gujarat and Maharashtra state's road transport corporations.


There is a tourist office near the bus stand, which is open on Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm and 2.30 pm to 6 pm. The important point to be noted is that no banks are here to change foreign money. But some Travel agencies are changing traveler's cheques. The main post offices are in Moti Daman and in Nani Daman.


Not in the case of Daman, keeping one's ears and eyes wide open while roaming in an unknown place always pays. It is advisable to keep the belongings well locked and should not left behind carelessly.


It is advised to avoid the Devka Beach for deep swimming as it contains too much rock. Consumption and possession of illegal drugs are strictly prohibited and once noticed by the authorities it is highly punishable.

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