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Top 10 Cities in Maharashtra

Located in the western part of the Indian subcontinent, Mahsrastra is surrounded by Arabian Sea, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and the Union territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli. The vast state of Maharashtra owes its growth and development to its cities. The third largest state of India is the home of many important cities of not only of Mahasratra but also of India. The cities, mainly the top 10 cities in Mahasrastra play an important part in making what the world know of Maharashtra.

List of Top 10 Cities in Mahasrastra

The following is a detailed list on the top 10 cities in Mahrastra.
The capital city of Maharashtra, Mumbai, is fondly known as the ‘city that never sleeps’. This fast moving city of India is also the commercial, financial as well as entertainment capital of the country. Mumbai is one of those cities of India which is known for its historical significance, it is a city of varied cultural heritage. Owing to its historical significance, Mumbai has numerous places of tourist interst. The city is originally made of seven islands.

Commonly known as the ‘Queen of Deccan’, Pune is the second most important city of Maharashtra after Mumbai. The ‘Oxford of the East’, Pune is famous as one of the historically significant cities of the country. Lakes, hills make the cultural capital of Maharashtra one of the important tourist destinations of India. The city is also known for being the greenest city in India. Pune has undergone a remarkable transformation and is slowly emerging as major city in India.

Nagpur enjoys a strategic location in the central part of India and is an important city of industrial importance. Owing to the fact that Pune houses some of the leading and famous companies, businessmen from all over the country throng to this city. Nagpur is sometimes dubbed as the ‘second capital’ of state of Maharashtra and is known for dealing with high quality oranges.

Located in Northeast of Mumbai on the Salsette Island, Thane is also known as the ‘Cacade de Tana’. This uptown suburb of the capital Mumbai accommodates huge number of chemical, textile and engineering industries. In addition, the various buildings that reflect the history of the city, with forts and churches make Thane an important city of Maharashtra.

The busy city of Nashik, is a perfect blend of the old and the new. Among other things, Nashik is famous the production of highest range of vegetables and fruits. Shirdi is one of the most important and popular pilgrim sites of India, which attracts large crowds. Considered as holiest cities of Hinduism in the world, Nashik, hosts the famous ‘Kumbhmela’ once in 12 years.

Far from the madding crowd, Mahabaleshwar is an important hill station of Maharashtra. This pollution free city is top most hill station located in the Western Ghats in Maharashtra. The city is known for its tranquility and serenity, it is mostly visited by the people of Maharashtra and is a popular destination for the honeymooners.

Situated near the Karnataka border, Solapur, is important for its religious and historical significance. The leader in cotton mills as well as power looms, Solapur, is the connecting city between Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

A port city, Ratnagiri is one of the most beautiful cities of Maharashtra. The birthplace of the renowned freedom fighter of India, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Ratnagiri is famous for the ruins of temples. Ratnagiri makes an abundant production of fruits, the famous Alphonso mangoes, coconuts, rice and cashew nuts. Additionally, fishing industry plays a major role in the economy of Ratnagiri.

Located in the south-west part of Maharashtra on the banks of Panchgani River, the culture of Kolhapur is striking different from the rest of surrounding cities. Mostly based on agriculture, Kolhapur, is center of art, sports, education and industry of Maharashtra. Kolhapur is also famous as the capital of the film industry of Maharashtra.

Situated in the northeastern part of Maharashtra, Amravati, is the haven for wildlife, from wild animals like tiger, wild deer, crocodile, neelgai, bison, migratory birds and many more, everything is found in abundance in Amravati. The city is also religiously significant; it is the home of the temples of Goddess Amba, Shri Venkateshwara and Lord Krishna.