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Hotels in Adoni

Adoni is known as the grain market of South India, the place is also famous for its large market of cotton, cloth, gold, sunflower and ground nut. Over the years this south Indian city has emerged as a popular tourist spot owing to its various places of attractions. Some of the tourist places of Adoni include Sri Rama Temple, Ramjala Lake and Shahi Jamia Masjid and many more. The various places of interests in Adoni led to the construction of numerous hotels in Adoni. Though there is no direction connection of airways to Adoni, the city is well connected by both rail and roadways. There are no luxury hotels in Adoni.

The hotels in Adoni are meticulously designed to meet the taste of the variety of tourists, who flock to this beautiful city. Detailing each and every part of the hotels, the city’s accommodations are well connected with the public transport of the city. In addition, the accommodations of the Adoni assure of a comfortable stay for the guests.

The hotels of Adoni come with various facilities. From housing banquet halls to garden restaurants, bar, conference hall, shopping arcade, laundry and many more, the hotels provide all.

Budget Hotels of Adoni

  • Rajshri Hotel
    Located in close proximity of the railway station, Rajshri Hotel is the first choice among the tourists. This is a 2-star Government approved budget hotel of Adoni. The hotel accommodated 38 rooms, each of them decorated to satisfy the variety of guests. Moreover, the hotel comes with state-of-the-art technology to provide utmost comfort to its guests. Some of the important amenities provided in the rooms are phone service, coffee maker, safe deposit, 24 hours room service and more. There are two banquet halls in this hotel, while the bigger one can accommodate 450 people; the smaller one has the capacity of accommodating 75. Guests get the chance to enjoy delightful dishes of Indian cuisine in the hotel’s restaurants. The hotel also houses one garden restaurant. Rajshri Hotel also provides concierge services for its guests
  • Dwarka Lodge
    Dwarka Lodge is an important budget hotel of Adoni. One of the prime advantages of this hotel is its ideal location; it is located near the railway station. This hotel is frequented both the foreign and local tourists. The hotel ensures the guests a comfortable stay. Some of the important facilities include television, air condition and phone, the hotel is known for serving delicious food in its restaurant.

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