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Hotels in Rajapalayam, Rajapalayam Hotels

Rajapalayam, which is a municipality city of Tamil Nadu falls under the district of Virudhnagar. The economy of the place is based on the textile manufacturing industries like cotton spinning and cotton weaving and is famous for its huge cotton market. In addition to this, Rajapalayam is known for the dog breed, known as Rajapalayam.

There are various tourist landmarks in Rajapalayam which attracts tourist from all over Tamil Nadu. Some of the prime tourist attractions are Ayyanar Falls, tucked on the Western Ghats slope, Srivilliputtur, Sanjeevi Hills and Shenbagathoppu Grizzled Squirrel Wildlife Sanctuary.

Rajapalayam is not short of accommodation options. There are numerous hotels in Rajapalayam which serve as a pleasure retreat for the variety of tourists.

Popular Hotels in Rajapalayam

Anandas Rajapalayam
Though this is not a star-rated hotel of Rajapalayam, Anandas Rajapalayam is one of the most popular hotels of the place. The hotel is located within the vicinity of the railway station as well as of the bus stand of Rajapalayam. Out of the 40 rooms in this hotel, 6 are single air-conditioned rooms, 10 are single air-conditioned rooms and 10 are double non air-conditioned rooms and 14 are double air-conditioned rooms. This budget hotel has a restaurant that serves an array of delicious delights. The general hotel facilities are telephone, supply of hot water and television.

Ashoka Hotel
Ashoka Hotel is a government approved 2 star hotel located in Rajapalayam. Both the railway station and the bus stand of the city are located in close proximity of the hotel. There are in all 50 rooms in Ashoka Hotel which are divided into suites, single air-conditioned and non air-conditioned rooms and double air-conditioned and non air-conditioned rooms. The restaurant of Ashoka Hotel serves gastronomical delights of a number of cuisines. Guests can choose from an array of drinks from the bar of the hotel.

Sree Barani Hotel
This is not a star rated hotel of Rajapalayam, it is located nearby the railway station of Tirunelveli and is on the opposite of the Old Bus Stand of Tiruneveli. The 58 rooms of Sree Barani Hotel come with excellent modern facilities and services like supply of hot water, television, telephone and more. The rooms are categorized into Executive Rooms, Suites, Deluxe Rooms and Double Rooms. The two restaurants of Sree Barani Hotel have specialized in serving variety of delectable dishes. The bar gives the guests the opportunity to sip their favorite drinks. Room service, laundry service, car parking, emergency doctor are the common hotel services.

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